Services and Therapies

Take My Hand is not just a place to live but a place to heal and thrive beyond a child’s trauma. Programming is offered in the following areas:

Residential Rooms

  • Group children into appropriate age groups called ‘nests’.
  • Each ‘nest’ will be staffed by adult supervision.
  • Access cards will be used to secure the safety of the children.
  • Communal shower and restroom facilities provided in each ‘nest’.


  • Counselors and trained therapists will be on staff to support the emotional well-being of the youth.

Teen Pregnancy and Parenting

  • Provide separate spaces for pregnant teens called the ‘Mother’s Hen Den’.
  • Staff will assist new mothers with topics such as lactation, how to care for a baby and emotional reprieve.
  • Child care will be provided so that teens could attend school or study.

Homeschooling Program

  • Certified teachers will be hired to teach a curriculum based on public and private school requirements.

Pediatric Clinic

  • Treating medical conditions and emergencies of the residents.
  • Medically trained staff to be hired.

Recreational Activities

  • Including a basketball court, indoor and outdoor play areas.
  • Mentorship or sports clinics facilitated by local sports teams, players, volunteers, etc.


  • Accommodating three meals each day plus snacks.

Take My Hand plans to offer these programs to address the whole child – mind, body and soul, to assist them in healing and preparing for their futures.